terça-feira, 26 de fevereiro de 2013

Oscar special

Life has been crazy... so much to do in so little time. But thankfully, I have two weeks free from university and can rest a little, or GET SICK! Yes, after all the work, Fashion Week and shoots, I got sick. I think this is kind of good, isn't it? Because it doesn't get in my work's way and I can post in my beloved blog! Finally I have time to stay in bed and look at the ceiling. And do nothing! Watch old movies (the first was Ever after: A Cinderella Story, with Drew Barrymore... LOVE IT), catch up with my favourite series and cry with Oscar's acceptance speeches (I get very emotional when I'm ill).
As we're all aware and maybe amazed by, the Oscars took place this Sunday in a sunny LA. As always, it was a great show, but I have to say that I was extremely disappointed with the red carpet fashion. Ok I love pastel, but really?? Why so many pale colours? All I can say is that there was only one person that caught my eye: Sally Field in an incredible Valentino Couture red dress. I loved it, she was by far the best dressed and my favourite.

Beautiful, right?
And here is a selection, in my opinion, of the best acceptance speeches:

Kate Winslet, best speeches ever, she is just so true and emotional. 

Julia Roberts, because I just love her.

Meryl Streep, the greatest, just because she is Meryl.

Roberto Benigni, love the happiness.

Robin Williams, love when they are funny.

Marion Cotillard, love when they don't expect.

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, love when they are super exited.

Adrien Brody, love when they are inspiring

And I also really liked Daniel Day Lewis speech on this year's Oscars, but I can't find a full version!!

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