segunda-feira, 4 de fevereiro de 2013

One week!

The countdown began! There is one week left for the release of issue 6 of Kneon Magazine! Yay!
I am ultra exited and can't wait to see our amazing shoot.
We shot in an island in Essex, which had car access only twice a day, because most of the day the water flooded the entire road, preventing car access. Oh this was already an exiting start!
The cottage we shoot was lovely, very english and cozy. We had tons of tea, a mini make-up and hair makeover, and great company, and that includes Mishka, Anya's dog (the cutest dog ever). Thank you for that day, it was great!

How I love train trips.

Adele's incredible brush kit, and this is only one!

The road to the island! Some minutes to be completely flooded!

Clothes rack!

The cottage's entrance

Adele preparing Zlata

One of the beautiful pieces from Raffaele Ascione

Anya shooting Zlata, in Raffaele Ascione

The makeover! Thanks Adele!


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