sexta-feira, 1 de fevereiro de 2013

Love with the proper stranger

It's February 2013, you have a small addiction on Pinterest, and after some hours browsing for inspirational pictures, you come across a beautiful image like the above, which immediately caught your eye. Why? Would it be the composition? Colours? Or the fact that this couple fits just perfectly on each other's arms?
You research for an answer, a name, a quote. You find out that it belongs to a movie called "Love with the proper stranger". Instantly thousands of stories begin to form into your mind, and you see that blondelicious Steve Mcqueen playing it cool next to this beautiful unknown brunette with cat eyes (Natalie Wood). You stop, and you think: better watch this movie or I'll loose something in my life.
Forget all your expectations. Prepare yourself for the mystery of black and white movies. After all it's 1963, we are heading 50 years back in time. Think intuitive soundtrack and too many extras. Yes! Couldn't understand why there was always so many people in the footage! Is it the city?
After the first thirty minutes, your expectations are dropped and you are guided by this unexpected story, with a temporal heroine and a too cool for school leading actor. It's liberal and it's fresh. It's rejuvenating and the opposite to cliche.
Just loved it. It was unexpected, and that is what I expect fom life.
Oh, why did I stop watching the classics?
So many old movies, so little time.

Natalie Wood = new muse

My favourite part

He IS kind of sexy, hey?!

This LBD was just perfect!

Great picture! Love her outfit.

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