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William Klein + Daido Moriyama Tate exhibition

Thinking about my life in London, probably one of the things I'm going to miss the most are the exhibitions. Museums, galleries, and so many access to art... I'm really going to miss all of this, because I know that Brazil is still not in this level. Today I went to Tate's latest exhibition on William Klein and the photographer Daido Moriyama, and I was really impressed. Not expecting nothing major, I was amazed by the quality and the eye that William Klein has, and made some great discoveries about his work. I think it is really interesting how intrigued he is regarding people, forms, and shapes. His fashion pictures are also incredibly interesting, and aesthetically beautiful, we can see that he is always thinking outside the box. He also directed some short films and movies, one of them being "Who are you Polly Magoo", which I love - for me the epitome of 60's coolness. Klein was by far my favourite in the exhibition. Here are some of his work that caught my attention (sorry for the picture quality, my blackberry camera is not a very good one!):


Great NY poster

While Klein was more a people's photographer, with a sophisticated style, Daido Moriyama is, in my opinion and comprehension, more concerned with texture and concept in his photos. Most of the pictures have a grotesque bias, and it bothered me a little. But I found some amazing shots, really creative point of view to the every day life. His cropping was incredibly creative, and gave me a lot of ideas for future shoots. Here are some of his work:

Really liked this one, mesmerising!

Polaroids! A room full of them!

And of course, as I (still) can't afford a book or a poster, I bought some postcards of my favourite works.
Really nice exhibition, worth visiting. Until 20th January.

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