segunda-feira, 21 de janeiro de 2013

Liberty window display

Wondering around in this beautiful and currently snowy city, I came across one of my favourite buildings in London: Liberty, the traditional and enchanting department store that is essentially British in every possible way. I am always very fond of their windows, always creative and with a great taste, never being over the top or tacky, and I believe, their current window display is one of my favourites I've seen. It is incredibly simple, but very conceptual at the same time. The choice of colours also caught my attention, very warm and welcoming, a clash in this cold and white weather we are having. It makes me go inside and live all this elegant mood they are displaying. A big round of applause to Liberty's visual merchandising team!
You can have a look at some of their windows here.
Some pictures I took today:

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  1. With a discreet and chic allusion to the next carnival, as the lady with the Pierrot collar. Great!