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Jessica Chastain plays art muse for W Magazine's january 2013 issue

                  Just wanted to mark here on the blog that I loved the january issue of W magazine, which is themed as Art meets Fashion. Something we all love very very much and can't stop thinking and talking about, right? Art is one of my primary sources for inspiration, not just to be turned into fashion, but to be inspired in life and my daily life. Art fulfils the human soul. Fashion fulfils the human body (and most of the times human psychology, right?). Art is a most for any creative persona. I grew up with it in my house, dreaming of Monet fields during my childhood. Thanks Mom!
Ok, here are some pictures that caught my attention, from the main editorial of the issue, the one with Jessica Chastain, of course, beautiful as always, even with kilos of paint in her face.
Adored the cover composition that artist George Condo created. A great similarity to Picasso's muses! Remember this post I wrote about his muses in pictures and paintings? Chek it out here!

Did a little research on her other paitings, and loved the sense of humour. Love the colours as well.

Also really liked Chantal Joffe's depiction of the Tree of Life actress. So moody and interesting! Want a painting of myself like this!!

Amazing right? Check this two works, also from the same artist, really caught my eye!

Also in the magazine, they posted some photos of Chantal Joffe's studio, and it's like a dream for any set designer, stylist, artist... love it! I do enjoy a lot when they post 'behind the scene' photos... maked you feel such like an insider!

Hope you got really inspired by this post!

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