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Internship at TANK MAGAZINE part 2

Continuing with my internship adventure...

In the first two weeks, they gave me a lot of responsibility, as you know already, and we shot the films for Because Magazine, Caroline Issa's online magazine, and that in my opinion has the best fashion films out there. Check the page: Because London
So, as you can imagine, I was going crazy looking for pieces and calling PR's, pulling everything I thought it could work with the themes we were going to film. After all the craziness, they asked me to assist on the day, and I was incredibly happy! We shot on a sunny saturday, from 9am to 9pm, a lot of hours, but it was totally worth it. Loved the experience of being in set and helping around with everything I could, from steaming clothes to buying lunch for everyone, or helping with looks and all. And it was the first time I was in a real shoot ever! Great team and great experience. I posted some pictures of the rail of clothes, prep and behind the scenes two posts ago, go and check it out.

After the shoot, there was returns... hummm... I don't really know if I love or hate returns. Sometimes, is one of the best things of the day, when is sunny and the city looks beautiful, and you go West to places like Knightsbridge, Mayfair or Chelsea, and everything looks so Enlgish and lovely. You stop for a frozen yogurt or to discover this amazing little shop with interesting things, you see beautiful well dressed people, and you get a lot of free samples around the streets (is crazy how many times I got free stuff!). It is also great to get to know PR's offices, and in-house PR's, like Chanel, Dior, Hermés (my favourite one, was super ultra elegant, without being pretentious)... Some pictures of the beautiful things I discovered on my adventures (sorry for the quality, my blackberry is not one of the bests):

My favourite hidden discovery, Eaton Square, in Knightsbridge

Cute houses in Chelsea

Tracey Emin neon lights in one of the PR's I went to

Amazing book by Charles Saatchi (one of the brothers from the Saatchi gallery), discovery in The Shop at Bluebird, in King's Road, Chelsea.

How I tried not to get lost

Lunch pit stop in Duke of York square, also in King's Road

Amazing embroidered metal door, belonging to a food market in Barbican area, east London.

Interesting street style

Cute windows in Notting Hill

Tracey Emin soaps at Liberty

Sunny London ready for the Olympics

Discovering cool galleries with amazing artists

Yayoi's Louis Vuitton window (it looked SO real, it was insane)

So you see? I had a pretty good time while doing some returns. But! Oh, there is the but.
In the other hand... the bad part of returns is really big and heavy bags, going around town, sweating like a pig (sorry, fashion people sweat as well, but don't smell), getting lost (and that I know how to do it very very well), having to do this ALL DAY and NON-STOP, paying for your own transportation (fashion internships are usually not paid), getting very very tired and wet (England = rain), and the biggest one: laziness.
Well, but I can say that I survived to all the returns that I did, and believe me, there was A LOT.
But we had fun. I had cool people around me and very very friendly colleagues, so my days were much better than average. We also received loads of clothes everyday, from Fendi to Stella McCartney, and we tried them on, took pictures... Here are some of them:

Received a Dior delivery with my name (miss spelled but still is for me!!)

Ear ring by Belmacz (discovered by me in my endless research for this still life on autumn 2012 issue of Tank)

Me and Izzy with Belmacz pieces

Fendi and Alberta Ferreti! Having fun with Izzy!

Soooo cozy!

And last but not least, Dolce & Gabanna headband! LOVE IT!

The down point of my internship? I will never tell. Sorry, can't go public some things, after all I'm kind of professional! But friends, YOU KNOW WHAT IT WAS!
After 2 months of a super amazing work placement, I was really happy to have stayed in London. I want to thank everyone that helped me get this job, from my friends to my tutors at university, and many many thanks to Ellen Jasper, to have given me this amazing opportunity!
Two weeks to finish my internship, I'm invited to assist a main story with photographer Tung Walsh and stylist Sasa Thomann for the next issue of Tank. And I was again super exited. No, I was ULTRA exited. Called my mom almost screaming! hahaha sorry mom.
And then, on the week after that, they asked me again to assist on another shoot, this time for O: by Tank, with the same team, for two days!
I was in the clouds!
Next post I tell you everything about it!

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