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Internship at TANK MAGAZINE part 1

Wanted to talk a little about my internship at Tank! I worked there for 2 months this past summer, and it was a really amazing experience.
My first day was funny. The office was a little empty, and I was the only intern around. I started helping out with some research, and after half and hour, I was told that Scott Schuman from The Sartorialist (OH MY GOD) was coming to the office to photograph Caroline Issa, my boss. I went mental, because The Sartorialist is the first blog I started following, ever. It has been my daily inspiration since I'm 14. And in my first day working in a fashion magazine, I was going to meet the creator of that blog! I was super exited.
So we (Olimpia) had to clean the office for his visit, and so I did it. The office was smelling like flowers, and we ordered some bouquets for the office. Later in that week, they putted in our table:

Flower for the interns!

Scott Shuman came and it was really surreal to see him, and Caroline, who I admired since she became notable in street style shots. I was in my place.
I enjoyed so much the day that the hours passed like minutes, and soon it was time to go home, but I didn't wanted to! I finally had the opportunity to experience what I wanted to do for life, and I didn't wanted to let it go. But I did go home at the end... hehe.
Here are some pictures and the video of Caroline shot by Scott, for J.Crew:

You can see my parka on the chair behind Caroline!!!

Caroline and Ellen

Caroline Issa, ultra elegant and beautiful, as always, in an amazing J.Crew neon sweater

And here is the video that they filmed in my first day! You can see me super ultra fast in 1:08, hehe!

Check out the page at with Caroline's interview and more:

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