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Back to blogosfera reality

OMG... I should be embarrassed, but... I can't help it! Sorry!
I can't really believe that I haven't been here since summer! SUMMER! Soooo long ago. I don't even remember what hot weather is like (just for the record, I didn't experienced it in England, it was in Italy, during 9 glorious free days that I had of vacation on my 4 months uni break).
So much happened... first, my internship at Tank, which at the end was absolutely amazing. Got the chance to meet incredible professionals and to assist in amazing photoshoots.
Second, I moved out from my old room, continuing the tradition (or not) of new uni year, new house. Had to pack all my stuff in boxes and suitcases, to realise that I have loads of crap and too much of everything. Ended up donating a lot, and throwing away things I haven't even looked at for more than an year (to now realise that I actually need them... damn! That's why I keep everything!).
And third, beginning my last year of university. One word to describe my last 2 months: PANIC.
PANIC for the amount of things to do, PANIC for the responsibility that suddenly was given to me, PANIC for being afraid of everything, PANIC for not knowing where to start, PANIC for not having enough time, and PANIC for not knowing what to do.
But after all the panic, and coffees, I survived and finally have a little holiday break, and can stop thinking about fashion for a moment! Yay!
Yes, when you actually live and work for fashion, sometimes you start trying to avoid it. Just a little.
Ok, enough with the cheat chatting, this is not my personal diary. It is a blog. And as a fashion student and future fashion professional, I need to do this.
Don't get me wrong. I like blogging. I've been blogging since I was 14 years old. Before all this craziness. But then, it started being a phenomenon, and now everyone has a blog and is a blogger and has something to say about fashion. When it starts being like that, I lose my appetite. I don't wanna do it, and it becomes boring to me. I don't know... maybe I don't like doing what everyone is doing. Or I just don't think is even worth it. Whatever! It's midnight and I don't have time for this because tomorrow I have a 9 hour shift and have to sleep!
OK! Olimpia, focus!
In the last post, I showed one of the videos from Because, that I assisted for. Here are the other three videos we shot on that day. Hope you like it!

Margiela white and black (the white top was made of plastic tape... I taught it was the most weird fashion piece ever. Everyone in the office loved it, and I was like 'but is plastic tape!!!!!!!!', and I still don't understand.)

John Rocha Renaissance women (John Rocha dress, Missoni heels and Ottoman Hands earrings chosen by me!! I was so happy that all the pieces I pulled were used in one look!!)

Bombay dreams featuring Chanel (this look actually came at 2 p.m. on the day of the shoot, when we had started at 9 a.m.! We were like crazy calling Chanel! But finally we got it, and the video is one of my favourites! Was incredibly fun to do it! All the crew had loads of fun with the props. There is some pics at the end of this post from the making off.)

And some behind the scene pics:

The selected looks

Clothes pulled by me (amazing Missonis, Pringles, Marnis...)

Having fun with this amazing Erickson Beamon piece

Ayo preparing Ebba for her Bollywood fantasy

Some of the fun props he had for the Bollywood themed film

 We left some love to one of the editors!

Promise to come back soon with more about my internship at Tank, behind the scene pictures and sneak peaks of my new shoots!!

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