quinta-feira, 14 de junho de 2012

Stella's awesome carnival

                              Some say that resort and cruise collections are better than the actual ones (such as SS and AW). Today I can't agree more. Stella McCartney's Resort 2013 made a statement in my morning (well, not very morning, but I'm still having breakfast). She produced a carnival gathering, with guests and models wandering around in a flowery garden, surrounded by fun activities, balloons, games and food (vegetarian burgers of course). And there was a cute home made lemonade stand serving fresh (home made) lemonade! Guests like Anne Hathaway, Solange Knowles and Lauren Hutton enjoyed the event and Stella's new amazing designs. Masculine suits with beautifully tailored pants, brocade dresses and sheer lace tops amazed the guests and, of course, me. I wasn't there, unfortunately, but I really wish I was! Imagine all the fun! I adore when designers create an atmosphere around there creations, their designs, and make up all these stories to people dream about. I am picturing myself wearing that beautiful yellow suit (and the fun star sunglasses in yellow as well, if they have available), going around my country house, or taking my kids to a tea party. AAAA AWESOME! Don't mind me, I'm crazy. And of course, I'm crazy for Stella McCartney.


Fun in beautiful designs!

Stella's flowers (aaaaaaaa)

Stella and the models

Photos via Harpers Bazaar

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