segunda-feira, 9 de abril de 2012

I love Spanish retailers

What's up peeps!!!! I am in Spain!!! Yaaaay! But no, I am NOT in Barcelona. Or Madrid. Or anywhere sunny. I am in greyish Galicia, in the north os Spain, where is cold and wet and same weather as London. But I went to the beach once! And I am not transparent anymore, now I am white.
So, as some of you might know, Galicia is where the Inditex group was born. YES ZARA!!!! Uhuuul!!! I am actually from here, I was born in Santiago de Compostela (the famous peregrine catholic city), so I am very proud to say that I am where Zara first started. But Zara is not the only precious retailer around here. The Inditex group has a collection of amazing stores, with amazing prices and really good finds. I'm also posting some items from a store called Blanco, that is not from the Inditex group but is pretty similar in style and concept. SO, I'm here today to show you some of the things that I bought!!! Not all, because I'm a very lazy person and do not want to to put on clothes, so I'm sticking with the accessories.
First of all, the jean shirt is new as well, from Stradivarius, at €22,95.
LET'S BEGIN!! (sorry about my face, I'm wearing no make-up, it's 10 a.m.)

BEAUTIFUL gipsy style earrings (very heavy), in gold, from BLANCO, at €4,99 (BARGAIN OMG)

Coral bracelet in white/cream, also from BLANCO, €7,99

Gold necklace with fabric string, from STRADIVARIUS, at €7,95

Cool gold necklace from BLANCO, at €9,99

Probably my favourite, multicoloured necklace from ZARA, at €17,95 (beautiful with stripes)

Now, some of the little treasures I found in my mom's closet. She hides stuff very well!

That's it!! Hope you like it, because I'm jumping!!! Going to the city again today for a pair of Zara's jeans... let's see if we find something more! Going to Massimo Dutti that I haven't been since I came!! OMG help me. xx

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