segunda-feira, 10 de outubro de 2011

DO IT YOURSELF: 70's style - simple key items

You'll need:

-Flair trousers (jeans are more practical, so I suggest going for them) - VERY IMPORTANT
-Bow blouse (go for the creamy colours, easier to tone with the blue from your jeans and brown, and please: long sleeves)
-Striped t-shirt or jeans shirt
-Belt (brown leather)

Complementary items:

-A hat (a cool boyish one)
-Fur\feather vest\coat (preferebly vest, but if you are going for the coat, try a half sleeve one)
-High heels brown uncle boots (to use with your flares, because believe me, flares look way much better with high heels)
-Some super cool sunglasses (go to vintage shops and markets, you'll find real 70's sunglasses!)

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